Trio debut album: Dakota

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New album “Dakota”. Trio debut.

OUT MAY 6th 2016

On May 6th the 5th full length album of Samavayo and the debut in the trio formation will be released on Setalight Records.

The special thing about Dakota is the mix of 70s and 90s rock sound that combines progressive instrumental parts and heavy mosh parts with oriental elements and unusual rhythms. The best example is the song „Arezooye Bahar“, which is Samavayo’s 2nd song in Persian language. The Iranian singer, Behrang Alavi, sings about freedom. He himself was a political refugee and experienced bomb attacks at a very young age. As a former applicant for asylum Behrang reacts to a current European topic that effects him deeply because of his own experiences.

Samavayo Band Picture 2016.
(Pic by Accent Productions)

Based on the 70s rock model Samavayo recorded the basic tracks of drums, guitar and bass simultaneously. They didn’t use a metronome or any further digital correction tools to preserve the band’s energetic live-feeling,which Samavayo is known for.

What is Dakota?

Dakota is a North American native tribe. It means: friend, ally. Samavayo have been playing together for more than a decade. They are friends who created a musical unity over the years. And that is the translation of their band name. Unity.


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01 – Arezooye Bahar
02 – Iktsuarpok
03 – Dakota
04 – Cross The Line
05 – Intergalactic Hunt
06 – Overrun
07 – Kodokushi


12“ Vinyl (limited 300 black, limited 200 green / CD / Download)

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