Songs From The Drop-Outs

CD / Digital

1. 5 Oh
2. Down
3. Telepathos
4. When It Comes To The Point Of No Return
5. Ain’t
6. Shitzoo

Label: Setalight Records
Release: 2004

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Recording: Ronald Karek at ORWO-Haus (Berlin, Oct./Nov. 2003)
Mixing: Ronald Karek
Mastering: Ronald Karek
Artwork: Marco Wirth and Alex Thies (2dfabrik)

Behrang Alavi (Voc, Git)
Andreas Voland (Bass, Voc)
Stephan Voland (Drums)
Marco Wirth (Git, Voc)

All songs written and composed by Samavayo


CD (limited 300pcs, Multimedia)


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