The Lost Album

Digital only


1. Bleed For You
2. So Long
3. Neovenator
4. That Light (Extended Version)
5. Through The Night
6. Salad Ballad (Extended Version)
7. Ugoda (Extended Version)
8. Coz I Can’t
9. For You My Dear
10. Illusions (Extended Version)
11. You My Enemy
12. Just A Game
13. Wannabe (Extended Version)

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Recording: Kurt Ebelhäuser at Tonstudio 45 Koblenz
Mixing: Kurt Ebelhäuser
Mastering: Pascal Stoffels
Artwork: Diamond.Gestaltung, Kathrin Jachmann

Behrang Alavi (Voc, Git)
Andreas Voland (Bass, Voc)
Stephan Voland (Drums)
Marco Wirth (Git, Voc)

All songs written and composed by Samavayo


Digital only

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