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Studio Documentary

LP Pāyān

CD / Vinyl / Digital



Side A:
1. Afghan Sky
2. Shot Shot Shot Shot
3. Transcend! Exceed!
4. Talāgh

Side B:
1. Pāyān
2. Prophecy
3. The Mission


1. Afghan Sky
2. Shot Shot Shot Shot
3. Pāyān
4. Transcend! Exceed!
5. Prophecy
6. Talāgh
7. The Mission

Label: Noisolution
Release: 24.03.2022

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Recorded and mixed by Richard Behrens (Big Snuff Studio, Berlin), October 2021.
Mastered by Pascal Stoffels.
Artwork and paintings by Kiryk Drewinski.
Live pics by Cyril Perregaux.
Studio pics by Danny Kötter.Samavayo is
Andreas Voland (Bass, Vocals, Organ)
Behrang Alavi (Vocals, Guitar)
Stephan Voland (Drums, Vocals, Percussion)


releases March 25, 2022

All songs written and composed by Samavayo.
All Lyrics by Samavayo.
Song “Talāgh” Written by Googoosh.
Lyrics of “Pāyān” taken from the poem “كرونا، روزهای تكرار” by Hossein Alavi.
Guitar solo in “Afghan Sky” by Nick DiSalvo.
Guitar solo in “The Mission” by Willi Paschen.
Guitar solo in “Pāyān” by Igor Sydorenko, recorded at Lipky Zvukozapys studio.
Guitar solo in “Shot Shot Shot Shot” by Tommi Holappa, recorded by Fredrik Nordin.

Many thanks to all great fans & friends, supporters, family and lovers. Special thanks to Richard Behrens, Kiryk Drewinski, Danny Kötter, Cyril Perregaux, JJ Koczan, Hossein Alavi, Oli Friedrich, Emanuele Baratto, Filippo Samore, Willi Paschen, Nick DiSalvo, Igor Sidorenko, Tommi Holappa, Dominik Giese, Jens Güttes, Igor Suvorov, Arne Gesemann & Noisolution, Sound Of Liberation, La Chunga Music Publishing, Rockstroh Drums, Cube Drums, Musik Wein, Mehmet Istanbul Cymbals, Yamaha, Pyramid Saiten, Lisa Erlewein, Sarah Lindner, Kat Ott-Alavi, Seonag & Aidan Wendeln, Conni & Franky.


Red Vinyl (limited 300 pcs)
Blue Vinyl (limited 300 pcs)
Black Vinyl (limited 300 pcs)
“Club 100” red (limited 100 pcs)



Afghan sky
Shot Shot Shot Shot
Pāyān – پایان
Transcend! Exceed!
Talāgh – طلاق
The Mission

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