Split EP CD with One Possible Option

CD / Digital

1. Rollin’ 2014
2. Pictures
3. Disbelief

One Possible Option
4. Mountain
5. There Will Come A Day
6. Uncreature
7. The Sky Is Bleeding

Release: 05.03.2014
Label: Setalight

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Recording: Jens Güttes at SMVY-Base (Berlin, Jan. 2014)
Mixing: Jens Güttes
Mastering: Jens Güttes
Artwork: One Possible Option

Behrang Alavi (Voc, Git)
Andreas Voland (Bass, Voc)
Stephan Voland (Drums, Voc)

Songs 1,2,3 written and composed by Samavayo


CD (limited 300 pcs)

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